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​Pastor David Edmondson serves as the Lead Pastor of Covenant Connections Church, Covenant Connections Church International, and DE Ministries. He possesses an Associates Degree in Practical Theology. Together with his wife, Stephanie, and their two children, Pastor David resides in

Flowery Branch, GA.

Pastor David poured his heart into writing these books, hoping to reveal to you the very

heart of God - a loving Father who is always faithful, and a provider who passionately cares for His children. He wants you to know that He will never let you go, He will hold you up with His righteous right hand, walk with you through victories, and carry you through every challenge you encounter in life. As someone who has experienced God's love and grace firsthand, Pastor David is committed to sharing this message of hope with you.


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Have you ever wanted the presence of God so badly that is seemingly consumed your every thought? Have you ever wondered if God desires to have the same kind of relationship with you? If so, you need the truths that re contained in this book.

Pastor David Edmondson reveals the heart of God for our generation. God is calling for a generation to seek Him for themselves. This group of people, this generation, is THE JOSHUA GENERATION.

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